Ready to take years off your face? What about a fabulous selfie without photoshopping?  Want that natural, refreshed, well-rested look, but don’t know what that entails? 

Welcome to GLO Aesthetics, where we believe in the art of facial restoration. We are a premier aesthetic and skin health center, providing the most up-to-date medical-cosmetic/non-surgical procedures and treatments to correct, enhance, and revitalize your appearance. GLO focuses on anti-aging treatments by offering high-quality aesthetic injectables.  As well, we are committed to helping our patients achieve ultimate facial harmony and skin health with medical-grade products while integrating the industry’s best practices.

We value client relationships.  And in doing so, we ensure your aesthetic journey begins with a private consultation, attention-to-detail, and open communication every step of the way.  We offer the best advice and realistic treatments so that expectations and outcomes are achieved. We specialize in restoring facial volume and smooth contours, creating a natural, refined, and refreshed look.

At GLO Aesthetics, we value you, and your experience. We continue to deliver excellent results that improve not only your look, but your confidence, your emotional health, and your life.

If you’re here, you’re ready!  So why wait?  Contact us and let’s have a chat, so we can start your journey to the younger you today.

— Diana Adams, OWNER


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GLO Aesthetics

the ART of facial restoration

Diana Adams, RN, BSN, LCT, and founder of GLO Aesthetics, is under the medical direction of Dr. Mark Hamed.   It is from her 20+ years in the nursing profession that she has chosen to immerse herself in medical aesthetics.  She has trained with multiple national and international forerunners in the industry and continues to educate herself to provide the most cutting-edge procedures.

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