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Under the medical direction of Dr. Mark Hamed, Diana Adams RN BSN, along with her group of aesthetic professionals, blend unique skills and professional experience to bring clients the most natural results possible.

Diana Adams


Diana Adams, RN, BSN, LCT, and founder of GLO Aesthetic, is under the medical direction of Dr. Mark Hamed. It is from her 20+ years in the nursing profession that she has chosen to immerse herself in medical aesthetics. She has trained with multiple national and international forerunners in the industry and continues to educate herself to provide the most cutting-edge procedures.

What makes Diana different than others in her field is her keen ability to cross-design with medicine.  Her clinical background includes Trauma Center Nursing, Adjunct Professorship at the School of Nursing, Labor and Delivery, and Hospice.  Mixed with her involvement in her family business of custom home building and design, she has a unique eye for rebuilding the architecture of the aging face.

Diana has always been intrigued by the service environment of beauty and wellness. She encourages living a positive and healthy lifestyle and believes choosing to add finishing touches to our exterior can provide a sense of confidence and strength to live to our full potential.

“I care deeply for my clients and am invested in their desire to make important life-changing decisions.  I have advocated for my patients during their biggest crisis’ and most joyous moments!  I have built a successful business on integrity and trust, both of which are the cornerstone to my increased, repeat clientele.”

Diana is an expert in the field of medical aesthetics and has trained numerous successful board-certified plastic surgeons, OBGYN, Dermatologists, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants. She continues to offer customized private training and ongoing business advice.

Lindsey Dandron

Medical Aesthetics Manager

Lindsey has worked alongside Diana from the beginning of her aesthetics journey.  These years working with Diana have elevated her knowledge and skill such that she is more than just an office manager.  Her attention to detail, and ability to anticipate Diana’s daily needs, make her invaluable to the practice.

She is always awaiting the opportunity to welcome you both over the phone, as well as in the office.  Her keen insight into the needs of others ensures that each client has the ultimate GLO experience. Lindsey is smart, she’s energetic, and always excited to meet and assist you with all your needs while at GLO, and beyond.

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