“Man, I don’t want to share this because she is already slammed, but there’s a lot of bad Botox in this town so here goes. Diana Adams is the ultimate skin whisperer. People fly in from all over the country to see her. She doesn’t advertise and has been word of mouth. She has an office in downtown Rochester. She is an aesthetic RN who specializes in peels, professional micro needle, dermaplaning, Botox and a host of fillers. What she is not is a fluff and buff facial with spa music (don’t get me wrong, I love those too, but that’s a different thing). The reason I didn’t look like the cryptkeeper post cancer is Diana. She artfully put filler under my eyes so I wouldn’t look like a sunken in skull. I vowed to never put Botox in my face after a bad experience five years ago, but her technique gently smooths any lines on my forehead and I have a full range of expression. I don’t want to look waxy, weird or depleted. I want to look like me. She has also helped me keep the sun damage at bay. I spent my college years in tanning beds which has manifested in brown spots and skin cancer. I trust her, I respect her and I’m so glad I know her.”

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